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5 Vids To Celebrate The Release of Deadpool!

Raise your hand if you're touching yourself tonight.

On second thought don't tell us that. Let's just celebrate the release of the movie the old-fashioned way: By watching and re-watching as much of it as we can in the form of fan-made vids. It'll be cleaner that way. (If you're already home from seeing the movie, please share spoilers in the community Talk OR make sure you've announced spoilers in the title of your card). All of these have footage from the trailers so you can remain un-spoiled!
Song: Kings by Tribe Society
Vidder: TeamHodgins
Song: I'm Gonna Do My Thing by Royal Deluxe
Vidder: Cantrous
Song: I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Vidder: Pinkly Smooth
Song: Overtime by Cash Cash
Vidder: AprilDowneyJR
Song: My Leftovers Lyrics by Porcelain And The Tramps
Vidder: taniarus

This is us right now ^^^

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