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Thank you so much for all of your patience! I'm so very sorry that it took so long, I've had a really busy week and I have encountered some difficulties with my new collection. I will be doing less games on each card because as I ran into a snafoo of sorts. But fist, to the questions posed: 1) Why pay for these games when you can play free games with Shall We Date?
Answer: I love both sets of games, really I do, but the reason why I advocate Voltage games is because even if I have to pay for it, I can always go back and play it again and again. I get the images and can save them (as you'll see). I can restore the purchases (also as you'll be able to see). And actually, it saves me money. I'm not a person with a lot of time on my hands, so for me to have to log in every day to get tickets is annoying. Plus, in my experience, Shall we Date? games have RIDICULOUSLY short sequences. You get a ticket for 30 seconds or less of a scene in the story and it takes FOREVER to get through. Also, you typically have an avatar, or you have trials to pass and can't continue the story until you pass them no matter how long you spend...unless, you buy stuff. It costs MORE to buy three jewels/a gown, etc in a Shall We Date? game, than it does to buy and ENTIRE STORY in Voltage.
Since I had to restore my purchases on my games, I decided that I'd just download the games, restore the purchases, save the images, and give a brief description of each game. Piece of cake! BUT, what I didn't realize is that although my purchases were restored so I didn't have to pay for them again, all my pictures which I had earned through playing through the stories, were GONE! So, anyway, I ended up having to play through the games again, which is why it took so long, and I had many difficulties sleeping with trying to finish these games for ya'll. So the rest of the games will also be updated once I get through the stories. So please bare with me! I'll focus on one game for each card, and try to get them out sooner than a week in between, lol. Thanks guys!
This one was actually quite fun. I played two different characters in the first, main story, Taketo Kanzaki, and Homare Midorikawa. Essentially you play the main character (obviously), so choose a name. I used my own real name (they don't advise it, but I think it gives it a more personal touch). As you can see in the menu, you have several guys to choose from, and if you click on their picture, they it brings up a character profile which helps you decide if you might be interested.
The setting is in high school. I think, it was either first or second year of high school. You go to an all girl's school and are going on a class trip with the all boys' school next door, and you get put in the group with all of the hottest guys on campus (sooooo rigged). You have: Taketo, the flirty jock. Yasuto, the slightly naive but still cute jock. Kanji, the girl-crazy average fun guy. Homare, the book smart, shy, thoughtful guy. Nagisa: the super popular actor who just wants to live a normal high school life. You also have your two best friends with you that help give you advice and make things less awkward.
It's a very fun game to go through. As I said, I chose Taketo, the main guy, and Homare, the super smart guy. I really like Homare's type, so I pursued his story through the epilogue and also the sequel. I really enjoyed it, this time was my actual first time going through it, so I really enjoyed it even more. It's a great game, and it really brings you back to first loves and innocence.
Isn't he just sexy? Lol. Love my Homare! Especially the last picture. He looks SO MATURE AND SEXY!! *squeal*
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I use to play these fames but I never really bought the whole thing 😫
ahhhhh this is cool. haha I'm not into anime, but man this seems like my type of game!
yass I've heard so much about this game!
ooooh interesting. I don't play dating sims really but this looks interesting!
I think this is the coolest concept!!! 😄 thank you so much again for making these cards! I really think I might have to try one... Even though it costs money, I'm interested to see what the experience is like 😊 you're doing a great job selling me on it!! Haha. And pleeeease, don't worry about taking a little while, Vingle can wait but real life usually can't!! Hehe 😁
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