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Surprise Encounter! FFIX Released on Mobile Today!

Last month, I wrote about the announcement of this game coming to iOS and Android (as well as PC) and had no idea when it would be coming out. A lot of you guys said I should pick it up and play it because it's a great one. So, I'm happy to tell everyone that I am definitely going to pick this game up as soon as I can connect my phone to some Wi-Fi.
And like I said in that last card, FFIX is a game I never really got the chance to get into because I became more active in my life outside of video games. I do remember, though, picking up my friend every other day from his house and seeing his brother locked into playing this game. I'd always ask him how it was and if I should try it. But I never got the chance to.
And I'm glad that I finally get to play this game on my phone (I got my screen fixed by the way). One of the things I love about mobile/handheld gaming is the fact that I get to play the games that I love while I'm laying in bed. There's nothing better than laying down after a long day of being talked down to by your boss, fiddling around on my PS Vita or iPhone and then eventually falling asleep with the game on.
And then! Waking up the next morning with whatever game I was playing the night before still on playing music or something (last night it was P4 Golden). Then I immediately start my day with a little bit of gaming then getting dressed. Sometimes I go into work and take shit from my boss, but they don't know I got all these games on my phone so I could keep playing as soon as I get a quiet minute alone.
Anyway, how awesome is it that they released this game today without a giant announcement? Are any of you guys going to pick it up?
I am most DEFINITELY getting this game!!! Are you kidding me? Did you even really ask me this, Beeper? Have you developed a glitch or something? Do I need to give you a swift nudge in the side? *peers inquiringly* ;P
After reading the article again, Apple says the game is only 2.01 GB, so if you have an IPhone, you don't have to deal with that big of a file.
Haha. No. It's my favorite Final Fantasy game, and will be the next game that I play, since I literally just finished Lightning Returns, (5 minutes ago!). But holy crap. It's $17, which I could justify, being an awesome game with tons of gameplay, but 8 GB?! It takes up 4 GB of memory space, but you have to have 8 available when you download it. I have it for the PlayStation, and am just fine playing it on that. If you have space in your phone or tablet, or can't play it on the Playstation, go for it. It is definitely an installment in the series that I think you shouldn't miss.
I, for one, blame Beyonce.
@paulisadroid Yes, and that is actually the discounted price. I believe it's 10% off for the launch. Most FF games for mobiles are at least $10. And so far, I've only seen this released on Steam. I have an android, and found this sweet app on Google Play where you answer short surveys in exchange for Play credits. I'm up to about $7, and am saving up for one of the FF games... probably 4 or 5.
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Viking Coloring Pack PLR Review – NEW Children Coloring Pack With Commercial Rights
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JUST simply download and use it with your book. NO MORE wasting time and energy finding excellent Viking illustration/images or money to invest in some freelancer guys. About the Creator This PLR bundle is a product of PixelCrafter. If you have worked in IM for a long time, you may be familiar with this name. PixelCrafter is a group of talented and respectable product developers as well as digital marketers. They have started their career since 2012 and sold more than 5400 units and got several awards such as WSO of the day. 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This is a 5-day ONLY exclusive offer. PROVEN HOT Children Coloring Book NICHE: Viking Coloring Book for Kids. Studio Quality Viking illustrations/images are hand-drawn by their in-house illustrators and designers. SVG Vector files and JPG files included (CMYK 300 dpi Print resolution). Letter size 8.5 X 11 inch. It comes with a commercial license that allows you to use these in your books, sell them and keep 100% of the money for yourself. One time payment and it’s yours. As you can see, there are 10 different characters and each character has 3 other distinct actions. So the sky is unlimited for you to mix and match them and end up with several works of art. These 30 Studio-Quality Viking illustrations/images can also be used for making: Flyer and Brochure Print on demand stationery Calendars Planners Banners Journals Promotional photos and so many more, other ideas that come from your creative brain. Because of the problems that Viking Coloring Pack PLR can solve easily: 1. 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10 Reasons to Have a PS4 in 2016
It has been just under a month that I have been an official owner of a PS4. I waited for a long time to pick up this current-gen platform for a few reasons. The first was money. Because of course it was, I'm a shoddy millennial with no prospects. The second was sheer lack of games. The pickings for PS4 at it's release were slim to none, and they didn't have many promising exclusives in the near future then. It is vastly different now. Sony has an impressive array of exclusives, and some of the games that are cross-platform still just look better on the PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn Robot. Dinosaurs. I feel like that's all I should have to say about Horizon: Zero Dawn, the newest PS4 exclusive from developer Guerrilla Games, the people responsible for the Killzone series. Taking a bit of a breather from their traditional shooters, H:ZD looks amazing as an action-rpg set in a far future where robotic dinosaurs dominate the world. What's super cool to me here is that this game is post-post-apocalyptic. This isn't the battered wasteland of Fallout, this is a world that was destroyed and then reclaimed by nature, and the human characters here know only the world they inhabit. Our days are ancient history for them, and that is so exciting to me. Uncharted 4 Chances are that if you've played any PS3 or PS4, you've at least touched on Uncharted. The runaway best-selling franchise is a staple of Sony's console, and Uncharted 4 is Naughty Dog's foray into the current gen. Now with an older, more grizzled version of the wry hero Nathan Drake, the story looks like it will highlight the dynamics between Nathan and his long-lost brother Sam, who makes a dramatic reappearance in his brother's life. With the new bells and whistles the PS4 provides, I'm excited to see what misadventure Drake will wind up in this time. Final Fantasy 15 In a bunch of ways, Final Fantasy 15 was the game that never was. Announced first nearly a decade ago, FFXV was originally Final Fantasy VS XIII for the PS3. Plus, with everything that FFXIV wasn't, the whole series very nearly came to an abrupt and disappointing halt. However! FFXV lives and is scheduled for a 2016 release. Probably the most ambitious Final Fantasy game ever, the game eschews the old style of FF games and makes a totally open world for the player to meander about. It also changes up the combat for a more action-heavy, real-time system similar to Kingdom Hearts. Consider me excited for Final Fantasy again. Honorable mention: The FF7 remake that everyone is dying for. I'd have put it on this list except it doesn't have a scheduled release date. Abzu The older I get, the more diverse my taste in gaming becomes. I still love run-and-gun action shooters and sword-slashing RPGs, but I also have a lot of room in my heart for games like Journey and Flower. Quiet games that show the artistry possible for video games. Abzu is one of those games for me that screams artistry. It's all about underwater exploration, a concept that I think everyone can get behind. Who doesn't want to see what majesty hides beneath the waves? With this exclusive, you can find out. Firewatch I wrote about Firewatch this past summer as one of the games I was looking forward to the most in 2016. The art style, the walkie-talkie relationship dynamic, and the setting all coincide to make what I believe will be an experience any gamer should jump into. That hasn't changed. The more information that come out, the deeper my intrigue for this game grows. It's slated for a February 9th release, making it one of the titles on this list you don't have to wait much longer to pick up. Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Rush was a platformer originally release on the PS Vita that followed Kat, a young girl who wakes up with no memories and who makes the startling discovery that she can manipulate gravity. Armed with powerful kicks and a somewhat trippy power, Kat fights her way through a beautifully animated world. If you're like me and didn't have a Vita to play the game on, don't fret! the original Gravity Rush is getting a remastered HD edition release on the PS4 as well! No Man's Sky Probably the most hyped game I've ever seen, No Man's Sky has been making headlines since it was announced at E3 2014. The game boasts a massive procedurally-generated map filled with over 18 quintillion different planets to explore. It's entirely possible for players to only ever encounter unique planets that no other player has ever discovered. The vastness of the game is staggering, making it one of the most highly anticipated games of... ever. Persona 5 The massively popular Persona series from Japanese developer Atlus (who are responsible for all the Shin Megami Tensei games as well as Catherine) is getting its newest addition to the series in the summer of '16. The series is already notoriously bonkers: in one game, players have to shoot themselves in the head to summon their personas. The anime styling of the game and strong emphasis on narrative and goal completion make this a popular title for completionists and anime fans alike. Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast is a little-known game from way back in the day that featured all the best of what 1989 had to offer in terms of video games. It was a side-scrolling violent adventure that was brain-destroyingly difficult. And now it's getting a remake! Though there isn't a hard date to look to, reports do say the game is slated for a 2016 release. Huzzah! The Last Guardian Team ICO basically has my ever-faithful support in any endeavor they decide to embark on. Ever. With that being said, my faith in the developer of my beloved Shadow of the Colossus has waned with the years, especially with the disappointing saga of The Last Guardian. Originally announced as a PS3 release in 2007, The Last Guardian has been tossed around development hell for nearly a decade. Now, it is (allegedly) finally coming out for PS4 in 2016. I hope that stays true.