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Last month, I wrote about the announcement of this game coming to iOS and Android (as well as PC) and had no idea when it would be coming out. A lot of you guys said I should pick it up and play it because it's a great one. So, I'm happy to tell everyone that I am definitely going to pick this game up as soon as I can connect my phone to some Wi-Fi.
And like I said in that last card, FFIX is a game I never really got the chance to get into because I became more active in my life outside of video games. I do remember, though, picking up my friend every other day from his house and seeing his brother locked into playing this game. I'd always ask him how it was and if I should try it. But I never got the chance to.
And I'm glad that I finally get to play this game on my phone (I got my screen fixed by the way). One of the things I love about mobile/handheld gaming is the fact that I get to play the games that I love while I'm laying in bed. There's nothing better than laying down after a long day of being talked down to by your boss, fiddling around on my PS Vita or iPhone and then eventually falling asleep with the game on.
And then! Waking up the next morning with whatever game I was playing the night before still on playing music or something (last night it was P4 Golden). Then I immediately start my day with a little bit of gaming then getting dressed. Sometimes I go into work and take shit from my boss, but they don't know I got all these games on my phone so I could keep playing as soon as I get a quiet minute alone.
Anyway, how awesome is it that they released this game today without a giant announcement? Are any of you guys going to pick it up?
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I am most DEFINITELY getting this game!!! Are you kidding me? Did you even really ask me this, Beeper? Have you developed a glitch or something? Do I need to give you a swift nudge in the side? *peers inquiringly* ;P
@TurtleyTurtles Whoa 17 bucks? I might need to save up some more quarters before I pick this one up
@ButterflyBlu Ahh! I've been having a couple of glitchy issues. I think I need to be updated... -_-
@paulisadroid Yes, and that is actually the discounted price. I believe it's 10% off for the launch. Most FF games for mobiles are at least $10. And so far, I've only seen this released on Steam. I have an android, and found this sweet app on Google Play where you answer short surveys in exchange for Play credits. I'm up to about $7, and am saving up for one of the FF games... probably 4 or 5.
*reboots and updates @paulisadroid* ;-)