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Excuse me are you ready for Jimin's Thighs Edition?
Let's take a break from our busy Tuesday to appreciate the time GOD has taken to mold and sculpture these awesome sauce thighs of


I know you all seen this video but ah....I could help but look at those thighs Jimin has the whole time..
I know he has them cuz he is a dancer BUT HE NEEDED THAT DNA FOR THOSE THIGHS TOO!
Wishing that was me. I wanna play too...
That's fine Papi Chulo you don't need to exercise. You were made perfect...besos
The face I made while looking at this card lol


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*eyes bugged out and jaw dropped* oh Jimin....馃槏馃槢
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OMG, YESS!! Those thighs are like kryptonite. Jimin's abs are nice, real nice... sculpted or squishy. BUT THOSE THIGHS!!!! DAMN BOY! *drools*
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@Helixx lol yasss lawd
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Hahaha I made that face too .. Lol.. Ay Dios Mio! Jiminie, you getting off your oane again... Boy you better get back
2 years agoReply
I bet they are very warm and soft~
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