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Yup. Just a mess.

Personally I thought there were some great moments, but overall it felt a lot like the script was disorganized. The scenes didn't really connect to one another, and it felt like the movie really wasted a lot of time either setting up the plot for future movies or adding in way too many details.
Some of the character development was welcome (love me some Hawkeye) but it felt like it came at the expense of the script. Ensemble movies are tough to do, but after the first Avengers film I honestly expected better. That movie set up each character very well without taking up a lot of time.


I know a lot of people liked it. That's cool. It's just never going to be my favorite Marvel movie.
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agreed Age of Ultron was a pile of boo boo
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@shannonl5 Whedon is good for movies. He just wasn't suited for a character as menacing as Ultron. He's an example of why it's good to switch up directors.
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@ThePervySage honestly I think they need to stop hiring directors who have a vision for the movies- the company has some specific demands and there's not really room for a director to have an ego. Whedon definitely has one. It's not undeserved, he's done great work. But Marvel's not the place for it
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@shannonl5 A vision is fine. Just as long as it lines up with the vision that Marvel wants. Marvel pretty much lined up their vision based on the success of Whedon's Avengers. For Ultron it didn't work out, and they clashed. Which was something that didn't happen for the first movie. James Gunn has a vision for Guardian's of the Galaxy. Marvel likes it, and that's why he's working well there.
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@ThePervySage that definitely makes sense. I think James Gunn is a great example too. Obviously I'm not inside the production, but seeing the result things were probably going well. It does make me kind of sad because I think there are directors out there that could do really cool things with some of the characters, but you really can't take risks when the budget is so big
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