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Even though he has a baby face I find him adorable
if you haven't seen Oh My Venus. You are missing out TOU NEED TO WATCH IT BABE IS MIGHTY SEXY
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@RebeccaLondon yess he did I feel in love.
I am starstruck😍💘💓❤🙊....I didn't know a human being could look like an 😇angel and a 😈devil at the same time. Even though I saw Oh My Venus📺....since when has he looked like that. I'm going to go crazy, this unbelievably good news that was told to me late. 😱😲😰 I wasn't ready to see him looking sexy and adorable, maybe he should wear a warning label describing how attractive he is......⚠🔥🔞💯🚨🌋
he needs a comeback
love.......the shorts....o fee boxers is it....hecka cool......my kinda stuff
That jawline though