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Everyone watched the Superbowl right? At least you watched the Halftime Show, I'm sure! But in case you didn't here's why you should have:

It wasn't just a performance by Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce--- it was a statement.

Do you ever experience art and thing "wow this is great to look at" or music and think "wow that's super catchy!" or a show and think "well that was entertaining!" Well, take that to the next level.
Art is supposed to make you feel something, right? Or to have some hidden meaning, right?
Well, that's exactly what the Superbowl performance did. They entertained and also sent a message.
Beyonce's crew looked a little similar to the Black Panthers don't you think? Coldplay's crew seemed awfully colorful, very much like a musical rainbow.
So what were they saying (aside from the lyrics)? Human Rights are important!
Black rights and gay rights are important. Though the crew has sparked some controversy, it did what it was supposed to do-remind people what it's all about.
It's black history month, remember? Yeah it maybe also be Superbowl month and Valentine's but it's also an important month to reflect on Black Rights and history.
I'd like to take a moment and thank Beyonce for using the stage of the Super Bowl and putting on a performance but also making it an important reminder for all of us.
It was just awesome! I loved the performance of all the performers! :D
Her halftime show was obviously racist.
I just watched it last night.. I think it awesome..really open your eyes.. haha but if you want to related to any issues, you know people like to talk or judge everything they saw. just ignore it as long as nothing bad happen right?. just my sense
I thought it would be anxious since Coldplay changed their music style a bit, but with Beyonce and the choreographed sequences, I thought it was accurate.
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