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Good news for everyone who didn't get a chance to get into the Closed Beta for The Division earlier this month, we all get to try it next week! I'm really excited for it (obviously, I've been writing about it for the past couple of weeks) and I really, really can't wait to start it.
I'm glad that Ubisoft decided to open up another beta test for everyone instead of just the people who pre-ordered it. I think one of the coolest things about the beta is that it'll give you access to some exclusive content (whatever that might be) once the full game comes out. I think by tying content to participating in the beta -- something that's completely free by the way -- is a great way to go about things.
Instead of making everything through pre-order bonuses, I think it's awesome that I get some extra stuff just by playing a beta for a game I already want to play. I'm super excited for how the game feels and looks in front of me.
Are any of you guys interested in the beta? Will you be participating? And will you play with me? Even though I'm playing Fallout these days, I'll find some time to hop on the beta for this game. I'm super hype for it.
Yes yes yes yes ( Daniel Byrant Voice)
I'll give it a shot. if it's free, it's for me. also I got helldivers for that reason.
@butterflyblu don't listen to him. he refuses to catch these hands in fighting games.
@ButterflyBlu If you have a PS4 we can totally play!
BEEPER! I wanna play! ^_^