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When Jin was like "no eye contact" that was hilarious. You should watch this it's too much
Here is where they get kidnapped. I felt bad for all of them, kookie look like he was going to cry and jin's clap was funny.
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I've would've been mad too if I was kidnapped. Jhope was not playing lol
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@primodiva93 And kookie looked like he was going to cry, but his socks were iron man lop
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Lol he did but he held it together
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It still irks me that no one thought to lock the doors! X) I probably would have been worse than J-Hope and Kookie to be honest.
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They (bts) weren't thinking when one of the guys spoke to rapmon and told him to tell everyone to take a sock off. How would a random person know that rapmon can speak english? lol
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