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What is love in this day in age? How are we suppose to love someone or something? Is there a guidebook for this, an actually, real, guidebook to love instead of ones made up by others who have a different point of view on love? People will celebrate Valentine's Day as a normal tradition, and talk to their significant others or ones they've just met and are curious to follow the pursuit of a significant other, buy candies and condoms, and spread it all around in public to let everyone know that all these cheesy, superficial coordinates will be luck and hope to single people. I'm not so confined by this. Before you ask, yes, I have fallen in love with men and women and not ashamed of it (Also cats if you wish to add that, mew), and it's a great feeling the moment at the same instant, without the slightest hint of melodramatic insecurity, becomes a waver of sharing the skin of another and feeling warm. Then, time goes by without notice, and it feels like being deep in the trenches of dark blue and you wonder where it all went. Can any love expert tells us where we can catch love where it is least expected? How long can we keep love in us? The best love is loving yourself. But you are alone and you crave all the things that make you say, "I love it" whatever "it" is: Pizza, beauty products, celebrities, narcissism, the ones that we rip off like the skin of an orange and gets stale after so much use. Just like you and me. And I have gone after those things for fun and humor until there's no more. A moment of love that is present is rare and it's what should be had. Is it because we worry so much of when and where it can occur? Iron and calcium deposit in the bloodstream in the hour and the appointed minute of a present moment. The rare moment people wish would last forever. It sucks away everything the user has gone through and has a good, aching feeling to the body, like being cleansed of your deepest fears. You can compare to meditation, keeping mindfulness as a ring surrounding you and allow sanity and healthy essences to merge. It's better than alcohol, sweets, Ecstasy, it's being human and fully aware with "it". That's love. I'm still alone and I've given up on going after someone for the sake of love, those who will always let me down for the utmost desecration of romance, and have it all on my shoulders. But there is no absence of being in a moment in time where I can be fully loved liked I mentioned before. Alone, but knowing that it is there.
@nicolejb Yeah, I try to be mindful of others even though relationships have taken a toll on me. It's great to hear people who are in the present and are happy and aware.
wow. this is awesome. I'm a very social creature (probably moreso then most people), so I thought a lot of my happiness came from their happiness, and while I want the people around me to be happy-- I can't control that! I've recently taken up activities that allow me to be more mindful or present in my life, and it makes me feel so good and happy! excellent card!
Yeah, I was in a singing group in college, and I LOVE acting too -- though I'm not so good at it. haha I've been trying to work up the courage to take an Improv class or something. you should try that too @EasternShell who knows where it will take you!!
@nicolejb You sing? You're so talented. I wanted to be an actress.
Totally @Patmanmeow, I think that's something I want to work on too. Becoming more aware and present in the things I love. I have friends that also play video games and that helps them focus on one thing (it require brain power of course). Music is also up there for me. I used to sing a lot more :( I need to get back into it
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