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Time To Go Explore Some Ish: Firewatch Out Today

So I've seen a lot of people on here talkin' about the new Naruto game that came out today, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I'm stoked for that as well, but since mine won't be here for two weeks I have to cool my jets on it.
That being said, I'm not all that beat up about it considering that Firewatch dropped today.
I've written about Firewatch a bunch of times already, but it bears repeating that the PS4 exclusive is now out to play.
(Also from some thing I've seen about it already, apparently Campo Santo is made up of some members who've worked on Telltale Games before. Specifically The Walking Dead. So these guys know what they're doing with the dialogue based narrative structure.)
I've already picked up my copy and I'll be plugging some time in later today.
I might do a review card about it.
It might be awesome.
Firewatch looks absolutely gorgeous. I've already been seeing so many cool screenshots of it~
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