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Seven letters with oh, so much meaning. After you recite your vows and kiss for the first time as a married couple, all is good. You couldn't be more happier, but what if you had one question sitting in the back of your mind that you're dying to know. The one question you know you shouldn't care about, but it's eating you up inside, so you go ahead and ask anyway. Why did you marry me? Those five words await an answer that could either make you or break you. If you married the right person then you have absolutely no reason to stress. They married you because they love you and they couldn't see their life without you in it. Both answers we would love to hear. Honesty is always the best solution.
Cosmopolitan always has the best one on one interviews with couples. This specific interview is between the most adorable husband and wife ever who ask each other the most intense and honest questions ever. Their answers and the raw connection you can easily see between the two makes this video so worth watching. Keep scrolling to see these couples answer each others questions including why they married one another.

Would you want to know why your significant other married you?

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I also think it's a good thing to know @EasternShell I would definitely want to know
Actually, the conversation should come up before the actual marriage (even before the ring). Not as pillow talk, but maybe after a nice dinner or while snugglin
The sooner the better. It's better to know ahead of time. Wouldn't want any surprises to pop up after he puts a ring on it @EasternShell
awwwww well I'd hope that we would talk it out before marriage! but we never know what will happen ;)
Before would be the best bet! But I also think that talking about it in general is def a must @nicolejb