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Even though today is National Pizza Day, I'm thinking it could also be NATIONAL BACKWARDS DAY. That's because ONE MAN, MICHIGAN SENATOR, RICK JONES, has signed into legislation that consenting adults who engage in sex (of the oral variety) shall be declared unfit for society, punishable by up to 15 years in prison and required to be registered as a sex offender for life.


All because this one man refused to change a couple words in legislation banning beastiality, which is obviously a crime against animals.
Despite numerous outdated sex laws (across the US) being ruled unconstitutional, such as sodomy, among others, Senator Rick Jones wants to make sure that NOBODY engages in sex that he considers, "abominable and detestable crime against nature."
Earlier I shared a card about the insanity of special police rights in the State of Georgia, which you can read here. Now Michigan wants in on the action of being another contemptible state to live in.

Are you looking forward to spending 15 years in prison (with actual criminals) because of oral sex?! You've got to be kidding me!


@MajahnNelson Well your hand needs a break once in a while, just sayin. o.O
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he also says no butt stuff.
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@InPlainSight With that sort of oral support I don't think anyone would be protesting. -_- *cough*
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@marshalledgar Yeah we finally got crushed with snow, and thanks to that my kid is at home screaming boredom issues. How the HELL can you be bored Son?! I see a Playstation 4, playstatiion 3, Nintendo Ds, XBox, Two laptops, a Mac, A closet full of board games, two sleds in which you can take your bored butt outside to play in the white death... WHERE is this boredom you speak of? *huffhuff, sputter*
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....... *LOLs all over the place* For once Ohio doesn't look as ridiculous as the state resting above us. Thank you Michigan for making my day that much more entertaining. See you in hell buddy. :3
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