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Because nothing good ever happens on this show.

We need something lighthearted after everything we've been through as fans of this show. (And apologies, this is like 80% Clexa). @Marichel @LAVONYORK @bulie @MelissaGarza @ARMYStarlight I hope everyone gets up to date on the series soon! I need to flail.
Vidder: BodyguardCN
Spoilers: Through the end of season 2
*Mature language warning*
@titplum I'll probably watch but not live or participating in social media anymore, like torrent it and shit. Don't want my friends to hang out without me and watch so i gotta keep up ( @lizarnone ) Beyond Lexa and Clarke's storyline and what they introduced about the AI in 307 this season has been choppy and rushed and the characters have all been pretty ooc it seems. Not really any Lincoln, O beyond her wanting to be a grounder, or Raven, or Monty really. Somehow they know how to not include their regulars in every episode but couldn't do the same for their guest stars
@lavonyork omg you didn't think Jason was the most original writer ever with his big "plot twist" and that we wouldn't see that coming? Like that scene has happened before?? LIKE WE EXPECTED IT TO BE DIFFERENT?
@bulie ugh don't get into last night. I'm so angry. This. Is. B. S.
wow I shouldn't have watched this after last night because IM CRYING AGAIN
Lol, they are going to end up together. Even though I thought at one point Clarke was going to be with Bellamy.
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