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Because nothing good ever happens on this show.

We need something lighthearted after everything we've been through as fans of this show. (And apologies, this is like 80% Clexa). @Marichel @LAVONYORK @bulie @MelissaGarza @ARMYStarlight I hope everyone gets up to date on the series soon! I need to flail.
Vidder: BodyguardCN
Spoilers: Through the end of season 2
*Mature language warning*
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@shannonl5 I don't really think they messed up. I'm really upset about this too but apparently they didn't have many options since Alycia DC had other obligations with Fear the Walking Dead. Simply writing her out wouldn't have been realistic considering the importance of the character. Especially if she was never to appear on the show again. So if she had to die, I guess this episode did it justice even if the way she died is questionable. @bulie
Alycia 's manager and her both stated she wanted to stick with the role and AMC agreed to work the CW with scheduling on it. They had already wrote her off for a couple of episodes with Clarke going back to Arkadia. I totally get her having to die though. What character mentions there death every episode and survives?? but to kill her directly following a sex scene ( which why even have her and clarke have this healing growth journey together to just do this) and from a stray bullet? Like Lexa had all these people gunning for her death and she dies by a stray bullet?? Also what warrior just walks into a room because she hears gunshots (confirmed by the writer Kim) and throws the door casually open and doesn't guard themselves? I wish they had let Semmet get to her earlier in the episode or don't anything to let her die more honorably than she was.. also with more than one minute of screen time between her in bed and then her in bed dying ( also sorry I'm very extra, bitter, and angry)
@bulie I understand your reaction. Do you plan to keep up watching the show despite everything? I hope you do. The other characters are also very good and the twist of the last episode is intriguing. It's a very good show overall even if it's risky for the fans to get attached to characters who always are on the verge of death!
@titplum I'll probably watch but not live or participating in social media anymore, like torrent it and shit. Don't want my friends to hang out without me and watch so i gotta keep up ( @lizarnone ) Beyond Lexa and Clarke's storyline and what they introduced about the AI in 307 this season has been choppy and rushed and the characters have all been pretty ooc it seems. Not really any Lincoln, O beyond her wanting to be a grounder, or Raven, or Monty really. Somehow they know how to not include their regulars in every episode but couldn't do the same for their guest stars
@bulie I agree that Bellamy's behavior is rather ooc and I hope the Pike storyline comes to an end soon. The Polis storyline with Lexa and Clarke was great but it certainly contributed to the lack of screentime of some other characters. And Alycia was a guest star only in name. So now I guess that we will have more of Raven, Octavia and the others. And I do think it will be interesting (and certainly heartbreaking) to see how Clarke will deal with the situation. I'm glad that you'll keep on watching. Who knows? We may have some good surprises as to how the next part of the story will be handled.