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So I was in Gamestop last night, just browsing stuff, and I remembered that this month they're giving away free Mew downloads on little cards for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Well unfortunately this Gamestop was all out of them. I was pretty surprised about that, but I guess it happens. Anyway, happy ending is that the store had one of these little Mew plushies still left. Since it was only fifteen bucks I went for it. So now I have a new Mew plushie as well as a Naruto poster the clerk gave me. And a couple ol games I picked up. Can say that my life's be hopeful.
Want it!!
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... my friend has one and won't stop braging
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That's awesome! And you got a poster too, nice!
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True beauty never fades, we just need to be reminded of it once and a while?
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