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Teen Top love to tease, prank, and be silly with eachother so here are some amusing ones for ya'll ♡♡♡
note to self: never let niel be my director.
Haha this ep of immortal song was so funny!! Ricky is such a flirt!!! teasing poor gfriend ;)
Haha ljoe knows what we all want. thanks for trying babe ;) lol chunji is such a mom sometimes. "kids stop it! we're in public!"
ljoe trying to be cool but Niel refuses to let him get away with it lol
pic 1-2. hahaha ljoe pic 3-4. Cap had to take that opportunity apparently
never ask for a mic from TT. Probs won't help. pic 3-4 angels asked them to take off their hats so they did the opposite lol they are such teases pic 5-6 they literally hang their leader there and leave him! *smh*
lol only Teen Top would think to do this! I'm glad that they don't take those hate comments seriously and instead have a laugh about it though.
ok I hope that made you smile. xoxo angels!! ps please vote for teen top on show champion. if you need help making an account let me know! thank you!! pps not sure if I used trolling in the right sense...I'm not hip anymore but I thought eh w/e.
Haha love this, they are crazy! I love it
CAPs exposure of his shoulder just killed me 😤😤😱
Chunji, you are handsome with or without sunglasses.
Gotta love them all!