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It's not easy being Latino, here's why...

You can expect abuela to have food ready for you when you come over.

You'll never leave abuela's house empty handed.

One of the best part about being Latino are the family gatherings that filled with great music and food.

We have some of the FUNNEST parties ever.

We have amazing idols like Selena Quintanilla and Celia Cruz.

We treat everyone who comes over like family.

Everyone just wants to be Latino because we're just bomb as hell.

Wow, being Latino can really suck sometimes...

@alywoah my mom learned everything from her abuela
Ahhh I miss playing dominoes with my family (even though im like really bad at it). My mom is not much of a cook, but I can usually expect my abuela to take care of my hunger lol @jazziejazz
Lol my mom has always been the home where all get fed never leave without something, you can always expect to be playing dominoes. no bored moment.