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1. Boyfriend- Jungkook because he is my UB
2. Bestfriend- J-Hope because he will make me laugh. I think he would be a great best friend. Who wouldn't want to be best friends with this amazing sunshine J-Hope?
3. Big brother- Rap Monster because he would be an awesome big bother. He will take care of me like the way he takes care of bts.
4. Driver- Jin because he can take me places and he has a drivers licenses.
5. Bodyguard- Jimin because he's strong and he can protect me
6. Fashion Stylist- Suga because he says he has *SWAG* He would put gold chains on the models
7. Little brother- V even though he is older then me. V can be my little brother because he's so full of joy and he will be the greatest little brother ever
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