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Today in the February Ships and Feels schedule from Community support and part-time super villain @tbell2 is the anime that made me cry the most.
Where, exactly, were the feelsies the most realsies?
I'm not really much of a crier in reality, but I have encountered all too many moments in anime where I just couldn't handle the feels, and a tear or two might have shed. Nourishing the sadness demon perched forever on my chest. His name is Seamus and he's kind of a prick.
Anyway, I broke this down more specifically to the most tearful moments in anime for me.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Finale

If you know Tokyo Ghoul, you know what I'm talking about. Kaneki's talk with Rize in the place he went to mentally. Without trying to give anything away for people who've yet to see Tokyo Ghoul, this sequence is where we see a major paradigm change for Kaneki, and it's not so much something that he came to on his own as it was something he was turned into, after so much was taken from him.
This combined with his physical crisis made this whole episode hard to get through without busting out some Kleenex.

Naruto Meeting Kushina

I can't imagine who I would be without having the mother I have. Seriously. She's always been an ardent supporter of me and loved me unconditionally. She is the best woman I know. Naruto never knowing his parents killed me, because that was a sadness I couldn't comprehend. Reading the manga, I honestly didn't think there'd come a point where he could ever be able to speak with his parents. But when he met Kushina, in the weird mental space he was in trying to control Kurama and he got to speak with her, my heart exploded.
Akame Ga Kill starts out really strong on the violence. The gratuitive violence. But then we're introduced to Night Raid, the guys trying to end this state-sanctioned violence with resistant violence. They're putting themselves in the moral red zone to fight for the good side. They are the good guys. Good guys get good guy treatment, right?
HAHAHAHAHA says Akame Ga Kill, as it tears hope away from you one piece at a time until there is nothing left inside of you. And then it's over.
Read the manga.
Ooooo, I see what you did there. *applauds* I agree when Naruto met his Mom, I lost it too.
@tbell2 Oh no, you haven't got to Tokyo Ghoul yet? *pats* Prepare your feels, it'll be pretty bumpy. lol
@InVinsybll oh my goodness!!! ahhh yesssss! and I died of emotions when I read that chapter when Naruto met his momma!!! and I hate to admit it but I havent seen tokyo ghoul yet! its on my list tho!!!
A real feels moment would be the finale to Angel Beats, I mean really, you'd have to be made of stone not to feel anything at that moment.
@tbell2 Yup. Correct. :)
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