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Will Captain America Become Nomad?

Could the movies be building up to a different Civil War resolution?

A lot of us have theorized that Steve Rogers will die in Civil War (we all know somebody will). But there is another option: Nomad. An alternative hero identity that Steve Rogers adopted when he became disillusioned with American politics. Frustrated by the erosion of civil rights and xenophobia, he abandoned Captain America and became someone else.

[Beware of comic book spoilers below]

It's possible.

In the comics, Cap 'dies' only to return and reveal that he'd faked his death. The movies could easily go this route, and then turn around and reveal that Steve had chosen to fake his own death to be free of the Captain America persona. It's an identity he'd been grappling with since The First Avenger. He donned it because he wanted to join the war effort and he thought it was the only thing he could do. But it was never an expression of who he really is. The identity struggle continued in Winter Soldier- he was conflicted about being a symbol of a fight he was no longer sure he believed in. Imagine how Steve Rogers will feel after Civil War- rejected by the country he symbolized for so long.

Like a man without a country.

He's been described as 'the man out of time'...

But that's not quite who he is. Steve Rogers has always been about taking down bullies and protecting people who need help. That's not a fight that ever truly ends. But what will he do when the bullies aren't strangers? When the imbalance of power has been caused by friends rather than enemies? What happens when America is in the wrong?

We might see the end of Captain America as we know it.

But Civil War could mean the beginning of someone else.
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