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When I say, "Girlfriend," which isn't in my normal vernacular, think of Suze Orman saying it, cuz that's how I'd say it and how I mean it in the title! hahaha
Part of Cupid Countdown is the gift-giving portion. Granted I've sorta been out of sync with my part (oops!!!! @nicolejb) but I wanted to share this card about GIVING YOURSELF A GIFT. Doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or single. Point is, enjoy life, live life and don't be shy about buying a gift FOR YOU!
Guys, this is geared for the ladies, but you never know--maybe buy her something so she doesn't have to buy it herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Granted, my styling and choice of beauty IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. That's totally okay. I think, by now, you all know my aesthetic. hehehe
For this look I wanted to give women a large dramatic jacket that is versatile enough to wear a variety of ways. Some stick-straight leggings, jeggings or trousers would be ideal for this. Heels or flats--you decide. If you're stuck in Winter weather, some booties would suffice.
For the accessories, I wanted something chic, easy on the eyes--stuff you can throw on at a moment's notice without a lot of fuss. Hence, the Warby Parker sunglasses and Eddie Borgo leather shoulder bag. Easy breezy. That's how I like it. But still totally chic.
Makeup is vital, especially in the Winter when your lips can get chapped and your face is dehydrated. Moisture up! I chose a matte-finish (GASP! @jordanhamilton) NYX lipstick in Nude--cuz you gotta work those sexy nude lips!
What are you buying yourself this Cupid Season?! It can be anything! Share!
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I will say that it's ALWAYS refreshing to get a guy's perspective on these beauty montages. So A BIG THANK YOU TO @buddyesd :) The jacket is from Temperley London. I should have mentioned that in the card. OOPS!
Yay! I'm the same @marshalledgar! So pillows and more pillows for us! @ButterflyBlu @buddyesd 馃憦 馃泹
@marshalledgar anytime my friend 馃榾 @1FallenAngel I second that 馃憤馃憤馃憤
I totally own a jacket like that, but with my fringe bangs and my black hair, I kind of look like I'm cosplaying as a China doll lol. It's really cute though. And NYX really does make a great lip product for how cheap it is. I love their lip crayons.
@danidee you post I card in the cosplay section, we want to see馃槉馃槉馃槉