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Normally I don't really like the idea of harems probably because I never had the chance to come up with a harem of my own. Well that ends today! Introducing My Perfect Harem!!

Girl #1: Kushieda Minori (Toradora)

She has always been one of my favorite girls out of all the anime I've watched. She's beautiful, hilarious, and outgoing but has this insane intensity to her when the moment calls for it. On my opinion she is the incarnation of the perfect girl and is definitely my number one waifu.

Girl #2: Yukinoshita Yukino (Oregairu)

In Yukino I see so much more than most other anime girls. A lot of the time she's so straightforward that it's downright harsh some of the things she says. Although she's inexperienced when it comes to expressing her feelings and emotions, it is extremely adorable when she does. Her character has so much depth (as do all of the characters in Oregairu--definitely a must watch if you enjoy romantic comedies). She's never afraid to say exactly what she thinks to whoever is willing to listen. She's very intelligent and kind and that's why she's my waifu. Plus I mean look at her. She's just gorgeous. Do you see how adorable she is in the video? How do you not fall in love with her?

Girl #3: Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki)

Because you gotta have a little crazy in your harem right? Although it occurs to me that she would probably kill the rest of my harem. Assuming I could live in a perfect world where she wouldn't kill all my other harem girls, I would definitely add Yuno to my harem. She's enough crazy for several lifetimes all packed into one girl. Despite her obvious insanity, she's actually really cute when she wants to be. Plus I mean having such a pretty girl THAT obsessed with you can't be that bad right? Yandere for the win yo!
Well guys that's my harem. I feel like I'm missing someone but I can't think of her. Weird. But even still for me, this harem would be beyond perfect. I like it because it's not too many girls and all of them have more to them than just beauty. They all have do much depth to their personalities that I could easily convince myself that they were once real people that were somehow turned 2D. Quality over quantity, always say. And sorry it's a bit late (or a lot late). I didn't get started on it until late at night. Edit: Vingle would not let me publish it. So apologies for it being almost an entire week late. Wasn't my intention. For done reason my card wouldn't publish. But the app just updated so I'm hoping that's been fixed. Of you're seeing this then the issue has been addressed.

I love my waifu

I dig it. the second girl seem really interesting. but I don't think I could ever have a Tsundere around me. seems way too problematic.
yuno is going to kill her rivals, good look with that, you'll be left with one In 10 seconds
Great harem and I do like the second one too! @tylor619cruz I like tsundere girls too lol
kewl I got tagged... Might do this today and yes... it is a bit early
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