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One of the BIGGEST trends that came out of Paris Fashion Week was the color LAVENDER!--that gentle shade between silver blue and icy violet. If you found your inspiration by watching all of the couture runway shows, then no doubt, you will be including lavender in your nuptial designscape.
Take a look at this dazzling dessert spread by Poppy's Catering & Events in Brooklyn, NY. They were recently showcased by Martha Stewart Weddings, and it's easy to see why. Wedding desserts such as these--whether passed by staff or set on a dessert table--look incredibly beautiful and delicious. Definitely worthy of snapping some insta pics and posting online or sharing on Vingle!
Notice how the pastries are natural in color, then glazed and decorated with fruits, herbs and florals?! This is the direction you want to go when planning your desserts for your big day. Keep everything chic, delicious and effortless. Your guests will be amazed!
I LOVE these!! I think I'd have to try all of them, though, right? Blackberries, blueberries, lavender, lilac - it goes on and it all looks so yummy and beautiful!
So glad you all love these desserts. They're really special. Like I always say, people will forgive and forget a lot when it comes to the wedding EXCEPT POOR FOOD. Don't let your Big Day be remembered for lousy food. hahaha @EasternShell @rmayra1 @ButterflyBlu
Those cakes are a work of art.