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Ok, this one is an interesting one! My good friend got asked out on the big day Valentines Day! Though it was presented in a really casual way so she's a little confused if it's a date or not. Here's essentially what he said,
"Hey! If you are free on Sunday we should hang out, go catch that movie you've been wanting to see!"
Her : "Isn't that Valentines Day?!"
Him: "Yeah, well, I just thought we could hang or something no big deal it's not like we are dating or whatever."

She said yes, but she's a little confused about what to expect. Is this a date or not?

Tagging the usual advice-givers. But also looking for new advisers! :D
ok, ok, I might have to see until AFTER the date, but I'll let you know @LessThanThree @thisguyeagles @jordanhamilton
Just go with it. That's what I would tell her. Of all days, that's a weird one to ask someone out.I can see if they both had a screw Valentine's Day attitude. Then I could see it as an anti V Day chill party. Without knowing more about him, then I can't really say what his intentions are. So she should just go with it, enjoy the day, and see what happens and how she feels.
I feel like he's asking her out on a date but he's just trying to be casual because he's not sure of how she feels about him. I just say go with the flow
Easy one. Definitely a date. He asked her instead of someone else to hang out. We there it's a movie or a hike on this day whoever you hang out with is considered a date.
@nicolejb He definitely wants it to be a date then! No guy would ask a girl to see a movie she wanted to watch on Valentine's day unless he was interested. He's probably using the friend excuse to test the waters and if she shows any hints of interest he'll most likely reciprocate them
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