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Ok, this one is an interesting one! My good friend got asked out on the big day Valentines Day! Though it was presented in a really casual way so she's a little confused if it's a date or not. Here's essentially what he said,
"Hey! If you are free on Sunday we should hang out, go catch that movie you've been wanting to see!"
Her : "Isn't that Valentines Day?!"
Him: "Yeah, well, I just thought we could hang or something no big deal it's not like we are dating or whatever."

She said yes, but she's a little confused about what to expect. Is this a date or not?

Tagging the usual advice-givers. But also looking for new advisers! :D
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Easy one. Definitely a date. He asked her instead of someone else to hang out. We there it's a movie or a hike on this day whoever you hang out with is considered a date.
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ok, ok, I might have to see until AFTER the date, but I'll let you know @LessThanThree @thisguyeagles @jordanhamilton
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Ahhhhh! It was YOU!!!!!! 🙈😍
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I feel like he's asking her out on a date but he's just trying to be casual because he's not sure of how she feels about him. I just say go with the flow
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yeah, he might just be nervous... @AprilGuillemard
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