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If you haven't heard this song...I have no words for you except that you need to watch it now...stop whatever you're doing and just watch this masterpiece. I really don't need to explain why this song is so good because there's no reason too. You either like the song or like the song more XD!! I can literally listen to this song all day with no problem, it never gets old!!

What Do You Like Most About The Song/Video?

Tell Me Your Favorite BTS song off the SKOOL LUV AFFAIR album!

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@JohnEvans JHOPE being all cute
I love this song so much!!!!
I have this song in my bed time Playlist on YouTube twice! Really helped me out when I was having a hard time. 馃槉
@drummergirl691 Yes!!! Whenever this gets plays on my playlist I just get happy no matter how sad I am!!
I love this song. It makes me feel good whenever I hear it.