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This is the list of anime's i have watched.
FairyTail (my family)
naruto and some of shippuden (not finished)
metal alchemst & brother hood
The Ouran Host club (Loved it watch it when im sad/bored)
red data girl
devil part timer (I liked it alot)
InuYasha ( I cried so freaking much..especially when it was the 2nd InuYasha and the last episode.. I wanted to see more)
Norigami (OMG IM HIYORI)
Pyscho-Pass (One of the animes i didnt finish cause i just..freakin scary..I like tokyo ghoul way more)
Attack On Titan (I LOVED IT TO DEATH, -fangirls- LEVI!!!)
Black butler & Circus (I enjoyed it,guess im just one hell of a otaku
My little monster (lol im kind of like the main chartor)
Soul Easter & NOT (I made cards on this..it'll show how much i love it)
Heavens lost property (ok besides the perv parts I loved it)
Devil part timer (I like this devil)
Vampire Knight
Blue exorcist (Rin, you do mean somthing in life!!!)
Magic School (the plot was nice..way to perverted though)
death Note (L X LIGHT,LXLIGHT!!!)
Deadman wonderland
The seven deadly sins (Cant wait till next season!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!)
the irregular at magic high (Curently kind of watching)
tweeny witches (for a little kid based anime (In my opinion) it was good)
Fate stay night (I loved it Team Lancer!!)
madoka magic
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@CloeySuess they..in my opinion shouldn't have skipped 3 years..
2 years ago·Reply
yes. finally some 0ne that agrees on that. @Yatosgirl
2 years ago·Reply
@CloeySuess lol, do you think the last episode was cut short, I think more plot should of been in it...
2 years ago·Reply
yes. it was bit of a let down. this was my first anime and manga so once I grew a little bit 8n the anime world. it was really disappointing to know that it was such a good plot then all of the sudden nope no more. that's all you get. I wish they would have continued at lease another 10 episodes to go a little deeper. the manga gose one chapter more than the anime though.
2 years ago·Reply
@Yatosgirl so yes I was.
2 years ago·Reply