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#1 Taiga Aisaka Anime: Toradora She may is a cute loli but she is a Tsundere meaning when you trigger something that angers/annoys/flusters her/him they change their attitude
#2 Ryuko Matoi Anime: Kill La Kill She is a brave and confident girl but she has a huge shy side when anything is similar to lingerie or clothes that reveal more than regular clothing
#3 Mikasa Akerman Anime: Attack on Titan She is a loyal friend. She will take care of you at ALL times and worries about you 24/7... she is very protective of everyone she cares about *ahem* especially Eren *ahem* If anyone harms here beloved friends the snap you're dead
#4 Akane Tendo Anime: Ranma 1/2 She is slightly hot tempered but still a loveable girl. She is really popular among her school. She is also popular amongst guys and girls but she finds one guy in particular more attractive and understanding than others *cough* Ranma Soatome *cough*
#5 Hinata Hyuga Anime: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden She is a shy girl but when she is used to your personality and appearance she is a very kind friend but don't EVER mess with her friends and loved ones. When she is angry she is a powerful opponent. She may be shy but one special person *cough* Naruto Uzumaki *cough* has helped her pushed past her limit and had given her courage too fight on. And I mean no other description but who wouldn't like her... I mean she is beautiful graceful and very cute....
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this is a fantastic harem! I lvoe hinata and mikasa and ryuko so much!