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What's your personal preference? I have to say brotherhood, although they are both so amazing and beyond perfection!! Anime is life!!
brotherhood was better in my opinion the art was slightly better
I like Brotherhood because it gives more back story, but why couldn't they just make a season 2 that goes on with the end of FMA. They basically made the same story with more information. Don't get me wrong, I really like FMA but I would of liked it better with a season 2.
@AshChrimson I like the way humunculas are made in FMA than in brotherhoodb
If I had to rank it, FMA is like a nine while Brotherhood is a solid 10 at least for me. Like, both of them were just sooo damn good in my opinion, but Brotherhood is better than Original only because the story made more sense, not just because it stayed true to the manga
i prefer Fullmental Alchemist: Brotherhood
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