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Fullmetal alchemists or Brotherhood???
What's your personal preference? I have to say brotherhood, although they are both so amazing and beyond perfection!! Anime is life!!
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I haven't finished brotherHood yet I have finished the first one on on ep 9 and I already like brotherhood more
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@JessicaFerrier they made brotherhood the way they did because they were upset with how the other version was. brotherhood gave details that the other version couldnt. brotherhood basically stayed true to the original story line not 100% but still
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@randysqwishy23 FMA original was actually made during the middle of hiromu arakawa writing the manga so they made their own background story's for characters like homonculous and such. Meanwhile brotherhood was made after the manga was created and is a copy of the original manga and follows it directly with maybe a few tiny minor missed details that aren't necessarily important. They knew the manga was going to be an amazing success so they were in a hurry and around vol 5 or 6 hiromu got a call from the creators of the to be anime about creating an anime off her manga and she agreed even though she was only about 1/5 finished with the manga. Still turned out awesome and I love that they're 2 versions now!!
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i prefer Fullmental Alchemist: Brotherhood
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If I had to rank it, FMA is like a nine while Brotherhood is a solid 10 at least for me. Like, both of them were just sooo damn good in my opinion, but Brotherhood is better than Original only because the story made more sense, not just because it stayed true to the manga
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