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watched the first 10 episodes definitely a great and funny anime but I'm wondering does it ever get serious?
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Try to remember this series is meant to be one huge joke, that's why it's a comedy. However, Yes, Gintama does have serious parts. You are battling what we call the 'slow beginning.' You're getting to know the characters right now.
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If you want to know more about Gintama you can check out my collections. I have a ton of cards that explain a lot for people that are new to the series. 馃槉
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Thanks that is a big help because I heard alot about the show and so far it's really funny but I wanted to see if that was all it was about or if it was more
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https://www.vingle.net/collections/4155087-Everything-Gintama <----- Here is my collection. There are {G} series cards that say a lot. It starts at Card number one and is still ongoing. I'll eventually add more but it's a good starter point. :) I know Gintama is slow now, but trust me once you get deeper you won't regret it. The randomness won't even faze you anymore, lol.
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