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Alright NAKAMA? There are a list of big time and upcoming anime here. Which would you pick to win. Personally I want them all to share first place in my heart and motivational experiences. All of them have made me clench my seat and even given me numerous feels. I can't stop loving any of them. And choosing between the final 4 here alone is even harder. I wanna say One Piece but FMA brotherhood is so so so good. AOT is beyond amazing and hunterxhunter is such an epic anime with the only downfall of wanting an ongoing series past the simple ending. But not just the 4 but out of all of these who is you winner and top 4 NAKAMA?
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how did code geass lose
why Lelouch
@InVinsybll @karmateal99 that's my NAKAMA!! Only other I could choose is FMA considering it has been rated the #1 anime of all time twice in Japan which I can agree since its brotherhood, and bc I just re watched FMA so it's fresh in my mind haha.
@LunaticIssei exactly who I'd wanna see in the championship. I'd love t see a list of all anime like this in a comp bracket and then have all the vingle NAKAMA rate n vote on them and see who truly reaches the top and wins. That would be beyond amazing for all of us to hold. Idk if I have a program to hold and list that many but I could prob do the top 100-200 anime and go from there lol. Would be an awesome card if everyone joined in.
Right- One Piece Left- Full Metal Alchemists