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The Marvel ships that I would totally dig!
Storm and Wolverine They would totally be an great force of nature together. Storm, the calming winds and Wolverine the crashing waves. We know every hot head needs their soild foundation. This ship, I dig. I actually like it better than the Wolverine and Jean Grey ship!
Black Widow and Hawkeye Wtf MCU? Seriously I thought in the movies this was the way this ship was sailing and then they totally flipped it. This relationship would actually work and it was also be very spicy. The mysterious Widow and the cunning Hawkeye would be great translated on screen. I believe most people find this ship more popular than the Black Widow and The Hulk ship. Now don't get me wrong the angry brute and the calming Widow is cute but I don't see this ship has believable as the Hawkeye and Black Widow. Come on Hawkeye and Widow! I am totally pulling for you guys!
Super Man Vs Loki I believe Loki can beat Super Man and it has nothing to do with strength. Loki is full of magic and can manipulate anything. This is something that Super Man can not absolutely do. Magic is one of those things. He might be a cosmic hero however if Loki felt like making him dissappear to space some where, Super Man would have to battle to keep coming back all the time. Also, if Loki did something to block out the sun, Super Man would become weaker. These are all things that can be done without using any strength.
besides that all she's really known for is Dark Pheonix and being Professor X's understudy
@MajahnNelson Jeans just a love floater hopping from one to another
Yeah I was never really behind the whole Wolvy and Jean thing. I definitely saw him and Storm together as the best way to go. But that's just me.
@MichaelOgg true that
@MichaelOgg perfect way to describe her
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