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Okay so this was a tough decision for me because I love both sub groups. But I love Exo M more. Why? you may ask. Well its because I love how talented that sub group is. Dont get me wrong Exo K is just as talented. But I just love how strong all the members are... OT12 But especially Lay!!!! I know most Exo Ls know already. But for those who dont, Exo had originally 12 members. But Kris, the leader of Exo M, Had left the group for personal reasons. He was the first chinese member to leave. Next was Luhan, who is the second oldest in all of Exo. Im not sure if its true but Luhan had left the group for health issues. He couldnt sleep correctly, he had nights where he couldnt breathe, our poor lil girl deer Lastly, The maknae of Exo M, Tao, had left the group due to his many, many injuries. Also his father told him that he should. His father was proud for Tao's career, But as always, Health comes first and Tao's wasnt looking so good. Now, Lay is the last true chinese member of Exo and neitzens had made rumors about Lay leaving the group, Or they even mention Chen and Xiumin because they are also in Exo M, but theyre Korean. I know that Lay wouldnt want to hurt us, But he has a life as well, He only lives once. He has to take care of his health too and if SM isnt doing anything about it, I would proudly support Lays decision. Even if a Exo K member left, Id still support his decision.
Exo fighting!!!!!!
We are one, We are EXO!!!!!