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So lent is coming up tomorrow, February 10th (Ash Wednesday). Just a little background on Lent, it's a Christian observance that lasts for 40 days and ends before Easter. It involves different kinds of abstinence and fasting, so you usually have people giving something up for 40 days. A popular example would be getting rid of meat for that time. Giving up something serves as a remembrance for the time Jesus spend fasting, while enduring the temptations of Satan.
What I remember most about Lent during my childhood, was being marked on the forehead with ash and attending church with my abuela. I also remember watching her tie palm leaf. I think personally, this observance is more of a ritualistic thing for me.
I have been eating less meat recently, but I am thinking about giving up meat completely for Lent and having seafood sparingly.

What will you be giving up?

I'm giving up coke and chips. I've given up K-Pop before and trust me, it wasn't pretty. Every single day was torturous.
you know instead of giving up things you can make promises to do things instead like give a dollar to a homeless person everyday or eat a little bit healthier everyday; whenever I give up something I break halfway and then feel really guilty about it; I think it's because not having something you've had before makes you want it more and I'm sure the reason for giving up things during lent is to strengthen your faith and conviction; so if you don't give up something like soda, but promise to drink at least one more glass of water each day, you still have the option for the soda, but are less likely to drink it, well at least I think so
@alywoah I want to wean myself off of it completely.
@alywoah Thanks ^_^
Thank you. Same to you :) :) @Kpopgaby
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