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Don't get your hopes up, this short novel has nearly nothing to do with dogs. Not to say that dogs do not play a role in the novel, but if you clicked on this because you were looking for a thrilling "tail" about a brave warrior-hound who roams the moon-lit earth in search of a better life, then you will be disappointed. Accepting that this book is not about an overintelligent hound, let's move on. This book is, in fact, about a young boy with autism, and it is spectacularly heart-wrenching. It is heart-wrenching in a similar to way to that of Flowers for Algernon, which I will post a quote from and talk about another time, so keep an eye out, but different because TCIOTDITN (we will call it CIDN), deals with a young boy and his young boy issues, as opposed to a grown man and his grown man issues.
Anyway, the book is very short and an easy read if you are looking for something quick with a whole lot of heart. Haddon does an amazing job of putting you in the shoes of the autistic boy, and understanding his pain, but also into the shoes of his mother and father, and understanding their pain. You can feel the hurt. You can feel the terror. You can feel the joy. You can feel all of it. This was my favorite quote from the book, I had to shorten it a bit, but you could find the full one online if you chose to do so. The autistic child says this, and it just shows how entirely innocent and clever he is. The "nonstick frying pans" bit just kills me with cuteness. I encourage you to read this book. If it is any motivation, consider the fact that the reason I read it was because my friend who HATES to read said it was the only book he has ever read all the way through, on his own time, and actually enjoyed. That is saying something if you know him... Enjoy!