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February 13, only the greatest holiday in the world; Galentine's Day! A day where ladies can just kick it lady style while celebrating everything that is so totally awesome about all the ladies they love!
Started in Parks and Recs, Galentine's Day is the breath of fresh air during a week of smelly roses and suffocating gigantic teddy bears. So there are 3 reasons why Galentine's day is the greatest idea ever!

Because you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate!

While being single or not being single should not define your happiness, it does sometimes sting a bit around the ooh so romantic Valentines Day. But on Galentine's Day everyone is invited to celebrate a different kind of love... your best friends love !!

Because ladies DO need a day to be reminded about how awesome they are!

We women go though a lot and with criticism usually coming at us from every side, it should be a necessity that we have a day to point out all the amazing things about each other! Talk about a much needed confidence booster!

Because breakfast...duh.

It's all about kicking it with breakfast food and nothing is better then breakfast food. Also Galentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year...can you say BRUNCHHHH!
what if i have no friends
@kuroki maybe this can be a day that you make some !!!
since you took the time to write this I'm gunna assume you planned out galentines for us?
@LizArnone meh ;-;