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After that day, You never saw Onew, He never saw you. But you still thought about him, You still think about the way his hand felt against your hand, The way his lips pressed against yours. You still swoon when you think about him. But you weren't sure if he ever thought about you. You look at those same exact pictures as you smile. You put the photos in your pocket as you get out of the house. You put in your headphones and start listening to music, It started with "Never Close Our Eyes" By Adam Lambert, Which made you sad. But then all of the sudden, "Bad" by Infinite started playing as you start to lip sync all the words. You loved this song, This song was your life! So was Infinite... Until


You felt your phone vibrating in your hand, You look down at the phone and you see it was a call from Onew. You picked up the phone as you hear a deep voice say, "Hello (Y/N)." You smile as you say, "Hello Onew." You hear him laugh under his breath as he says,"Ahh, It's so nice to hear your voice again, Did you get my package?" You giggle as you say, "I did and... It's nice to hear to hear your voice again too." You see a street light above you. As you pushed the button, You silently wait there as you hear Onew say, "I have missed you. How have you been?" You blush as you walk down the street to get across the other side. You heard yourself say, "I have been alright. How about you Oppa?" "I've been alright, But I've been pretty lonely. How did your friendship go with that one guy?" He asked you curiously. "Well, I'm not really his friend anymore, I also don't know what happened to him. What about your relationship with that one girl, You know, The one who I was in a fight with like years ago." You explained to him. You hear him sigh heavily, "Well...See the thing is...I don't like her at all, Not even as a friend. But she has told me that she still has feelings for me. She's been trying to meet up with me but I never show up. I even lied to her once saying that I had a girfriend but she didn't believe me. Honestly, She's like obsessed with me, Which I know a lot guys would've liked that, Considering the fact she's hot, But I don't like her." You frown as you ask him, " Does she still bother you?" "Not really. Well she can't because I filed a restraining against her because she basically stalked me. She wouldn't leave me alone." He said as he breathes heavily. "Oh. If you want, I can be like your personal bodygaurd. I fought her before and I'm not afraid to do it again." You told him confidently. He laughed as he says, "It's okay. Hey where are you? I want to meet up at that one park, SHINee Park." "I'd love too. I'm already walking around town. I'll head over there right now, See you there." You said as smile. " See you there and You better have a sweater, It's freezing outside." He said before he had hung up. You start to walk faster because you were so happy to see him. You wondered, How does he look now? Does he look the same? Or different? Did I changed? Do I look cute? You see a little liquor store on your way there, You had felt dehydrated so you decide to get some water. But as you walk in, You see a variety of soft drinks and alcohol. You chosen Dr.Pepper because duh it's soda. You walk up to the register and set down the soda as you look through your pocket for some loose change. You had found a dollar in your pocket. As you look up to hand the employee your change, You noticed that the employee had looked awfully familar. You see the person had looked at you with a smile, "Hey, (Y/N) right?" The person had asked you. "Yeah, Hi Seokmin.." You said shyly as he grabs your dollar from your shaking hand. "Long time, No see. How have you been? It's been so long." He asked you. You smile back as you say, "I've been great. How about you Oppa?" He looks at you with an aegyo sal smile. "Fine...Oppa? Ha that's cute..." You giggle into your hand as he hands you your soft drink with the dollar, "Here Take it, On the house." He said as he touched your finger as you grabbed the item. "Oh, Thank You Oppa. Your too kind." You said as you blushed and looked down. He pinches your left cheek, "Awwww ~Cutie~ What are you doing later?" "Ummm, I was just heading to SHINee Park to meet up with someone." You told him as you shoved the dollar in your pocket. "Oh, Who?" He asked with a serious expression. "Lee Jinki, my ex boyfriend..." You told him as your voices lower down. He walks around the register and opens the door for you as he says, "I'm assuming you got to go now. Good luck, Tell him I said Hi. See you later, doll." You walk out the door after giving Seokmin a side hug. You see the park about a block away. You speed walk towards your destination as you see a man looking down at his phone. You start to run towards him as you give him a huge back hug. He smiles as his hand touches yours, Spinning you around in circles before landing into his arms, squeezing you tightly as he says, "I missed you. Where have you been?" "I stopped somewhere and.." He interupted you, "You should've called me, You made me worry to death. Don't ever do that again." You blush as he pulls you away, kisses your forehead, Then holds your hand tightly as he walks around the park right besides you the whole time. As you guys had your conversation as always, He had asked you, "So, Where did you stop at?" "I stopped at that one liquior store around the corner, Oh and guess who I ran into?" You hinted to him. "Who? " He asked you. "Do you remember Lee Seokmin?" You asked him. He nodded with a yes. "Well, I had bumped into him and that sure was hella awkward." " I sure bet it was. I was gonna ask you if I could just meet up where you were but I'm glad I didn't." He said. You stared into his eyes as he looked back with a smile," I love you, Gorgeous." "I love you too Oppa."
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