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{FSF}What Anime Made Me Cry The Most
In all Truth Naruto Shippuden is the only anime that actually made me full on cry and it was only like two episodes. Anime: Your Lie in April I can easily say this is one of the saddest animes I've ever seen (not including horror because I just expect horror to be sad) The story itself is a beautiful tragedy and is really enjoyable. Its definitely worth the tears. When i watched this anime I was going through a rough patch and so there wasn't really anything that could make me cry though there was a few times my eyes stung. I'm pretty sure if i watched it now I'd cry.
This video shows a glimpse of what Kousei is being tormented by.
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I've watched Clannad and Angel Beats but this is on my list.
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@JessicaFerrier It's great totally worth the tears ^w^
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@msfancysunshine ya I've heard. I just need to get around to watching it. There is not enough time in a day for all this anime.
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the puruit of your artistic goals, at the forfeit of your love.
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Pandora Hearts
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