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Sorry for any mistakes. I felt the need to upload and I did say in my other post that I would make Exo vampire story things. I feel I did an okay job. I hope you enjoy.

She looked so peaceful sleeping, tucked in bed. I watched her every night for the past week. I couldn't help myself. When I saw her for the first time I thought she was just like everyone else, another face in the crowded hallway or classroom, but somehow her scent was able to draw me towards her. Since I've been watching her, I've realized just how beautiful she is. I looked at the clock on her bedside table. "Dammit." I muttered under my breath. She would be waking up in a few minutes for school. I couldn't let her see me, so I quietly left through her open window and went home. I opened my door and went to my room to change. I hope her scent doesn't drive me crazy enough to taste her blood. As soon as I was dressed, I made my way towards the school, blending in with all the other makikng their way there as well. I walked into the school and made my way to my locker. I grabbed what I needed and went to class. *We're gonna time skip to lunch time* I had to fight the urge to taste her blood. Her scent was stronger today than it had ever been before. Why was today so different? I remember hearing something about the one you fall for will have a stronger scent everyday. I noticed this a few days ago. I'm falling for her already. I walked up to her. "Hey (Y/N), can we talk?" I asker her. "S-sure" She's so cute. When we were on the roof I turned and faced her. "I lke you" I was confident telling her. "I-I like you too, Kris." A blushed tinted her cheeks as she said that. I smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend?" She nodded her head. I smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her to the lunchroom to eat. *Another skip to after school. I'm just being lazy to write now XD* I was walking (Y/N) home when the wind blew her scent towards me. We were walking past an ally when I pulled her into it. I put her against the wall and buried my face into her neck. "Kris? What are you doing?" She had fear in her voice. "Promise me you won't get scared." I breathed in her scent. "I promise." Her voice was nothing but a whisper. I pulled away and looked her in the eyes. I knew my eyes had gone from the soft brown they were to red. I could feel my fangs poke at my lip. I felt her shake. "W-what are you?" her voice was barely audible. "I'm a vampire" my fangs showed as I talked. "You want to kill me, don't you?" She was shaking in fear. I felt terrible. "Of course not. I love you, I really do." I kissed her forehead and held her against my chest. I felt her body relax as I held her. "You can have a little if you want." Her whispered voice was crystal clear. "Are you sure? I don't have to, I can-" "I'm sure, Kris." She smiled up at me, moving her hair from her out of the way and tilted her neck to the side. I took a deep breath. I pressed my body against her and buried my face in the neck. I gently kissed her neck. "If it hurts just bite my shoulder or something, okay?" I felt her nod. I opened my mouth and as gently as I could, I bit her neck. The metallic taste of her blood on my tongue. She dug her nails into my shoulders. I didn't want to kill her or have her too weak. I removed my mouth from her neck and licked the wound to stop the bleeding. "Now you can call me yours forever, right?" "Yes, your mine forever. I'm lucky to have you in my life." I kissed her forhead as we walked out of the allyway. My eyes were back to the brown they usually were and my fangs had hidden themselves again. "By the way, I hoped you don't mind, but for the past week I may or may not have watching you sleep." I laughed, scratching the back of my neck. "You were watching me sleep...?!" She hit my arm repeatedly. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." I shielded myelf from another of her hits. We were finally outside her house. "Well, since you watch me sleep... do you want to come in and spend the night or something?" She unlocked the door adn walked inside. "Why not, I might just sneak in later on tonight anyway." I chuckled making my way in the house and took off my shoes. Vampire or no vampire, I'm glad I'm at least dating the most beautiful girl.
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