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It's time to find out who won this week's BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt. I'm excited, are you excited???

I know I am a day late this week, I do apologize. Work was crazy over the weekend. But I'm here now and I'm ready to get this party started.

I've carefully looked over all the BBSH entries and the following Vinglers correctly submitted their cards before the deadline and therefore have been entered into this week's drawing.

It was a slow week for Scavenger Hunt entries. Could it be that the hunt was too hard? Did I stump and frustrate you folks? Or did life just get in the way? I know it did for me. Whatever the reason, I hope more of you are able to participate next week.
And for those of you who took the time to search the internet for the SH items, I thank you. You are EVERYTHING!

Now, let's recap what these folks have the chance to win:

1. Bragging Rights. The winner will have bragging rights as well as their card featured in the BIGBANG community.

2. Entry into Monthly and Quarterly Prize Drawings. All of the Vinglers mentioned above have earned one (1) entry into the end of the month prize drawing, and five (5) entries into the end of the quarter prize drawing. Some of those Vinglers also earned additional entries for completing the Extra Credit items.

Before we get on to the drawing, I would like to recap this week's scavenger hunt. You did a great job and found some fun things.

Here's what I saw. Let's discuss, shall we?

These are your favorite pieces of art from the MADE Series.

Just a sampling of some of the interesting and uniquely TOP posts you can find on his Instagram.

The Boys playing instruments. They're all so talented, aren't they?

BIGBANG TV. I hope you set some time aside to watch these... Especially TOP wearing a Crab Hat.

Our Maknae sure has been on a lot of boats this year. Is there any way we can be put onto a wait list for future boat rides with him? I'd even be cool with going on the whole vacation with Seungri. Anything for Panda.

BIGBANG members with Mnet's MPD. I know this was a hard one. But you all managed to find it. See how many times you can spot MPD and BB in the video above.

Some fabulous TAEYANG fan art.

HwangTaeJi is one of my favorite things. I just couldn't wait to see what you all would come up with. If you don't know what HwangTaeJi is, please go watch the Infinity Challenge from this past summer. You will not be sorry. So good, so good.

I added the last video as a bonus. It's from the beginning of the summer music challenge. Now, please do yourself a favor and watch the series.

What do we love about Daesung?

"He makes me laugh and that's pretty hard to do. When I watch him in interviews, he actually makes me laugh out loud. He also has a phenomenal singing voice that makes you feel things."
"My favorite is his side profile. The man has the best profile out of the members. Daesung has such a manly face and it shows on the profile pics. Plus i like the way his nose is shaped."
"My favorite thing about Daesung is his optimism and overall brightness. Despite everything that has happened to him with his accident, he still manages to smile and laugh and live his life to the fullest. His positivity and love for his group members and his fans is so admirable and beautiful. He is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day."
"While I could just say everything about him, I feel like being more specific. HIS VOICE. You could take away his body, his face, maybe even (dare I say it?) his sillyness and I would still be completely in love with him."
"His eye smile & laugh, to me they are infectious. I can't see him smiling or laughing & not end up doing the same thing myself. Even after his hardships his eye smile & laugh remain."
"Daesung was actually my first bias of Big Bang, and I think it's pretty obvious why! he's gorgeous, talented, full of energy and happiness! And laughably adorable."
"He is strong AND funny. Very energetic person. He kept who he is after everything that happened to him. (The car accident)"

I've run out of space for pictures on this card. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap and the results!

If you've already made your card and tagged the Moderator team members in it, We Thank You. If you have no interest or intention to participate, kindly disregard this card (I apologize for the inconvenience), and if you have been meaning to do the Scavenger Hunt but have been procrastinating, now's your chance!
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