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Time for pick up lines!~
Comment your own I look forward to seeing them!~
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@Danse That's like my favorite one!馃槀 @Yatosgirl I really love that one with Reid!
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One I found that I liked was "I want to J盲ger my Titan into your wall Maria " funny story about this... At school we got a survey from the year book committee. The first question was "What's the best pick up line?" so I put the wall Maria one. This was anonymous so I didn't get caught. What I didn't know was that my history teacher, that's the class I was in at the time, wanted to read them all out loud. He said, " I don't quite understand what this means but I think I know what is implied " . Only the anime nerds laughed, everyone else was sitting there scratching their heads.
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@JessicaFerrier Lol 馃槀 Aw that would have been hilarious to see
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