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FINALLY, the wait is over klancakjhfaljlfmaugyfiuan78. I remember a few days ago we were still joking about Exo's never coming back but now it's confirmed! They are coming this May 30th~~ The teaser photo has all 12 members, so I wonder if they will be promoting together? (because that would be awesome) Individual teasers will be released starting tomorrow and I will update you guys ^____^
Baekhyun... Xiumin.... WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR HAIR??? Poor babies
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finally they are coming back! like the concept of the teaser...
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@MuhammadDavid me too! it looks amazing~~ and apparently the new song is called 'Wolf' @chasinghapiness lol it's ok it's not that bad.... /being denail
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