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The Wanderlust Challenge has been accepted @nicolejb!
This place exists, but I haven't found it yet. I only hear about it on the news when something tragic happens. Then, it's no longer ideal. It's like Mayberry in The Andy Griffith Show. Everyone knows everyone in a small town. Folks are friendly and you don't lock your doors. You're greeted as you walk down the street and nobody is in a hurry. Who needs ADT when Aunt Bee and half the block have your back. The General Store is a mile away. You walk there because you want to, not because you want to save gas. When it rains, you put on your galoshes and grab an umbrella. It's just a little water to help the flowers grow.
And if this place happens to be near a lake or river, I'm going to retire there...maybe do a little Gene Kelly and go singing and dancing in the rain.
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This is great. I like places that have a little community and lots of nature around. It's almost like the trips I've gone to as a kid.
Awww I actually LOVE the Andy Griffith show, and I miss small-town communities like that. where you know your neighbor and you trust the people near you. I still think these places exist, it just takes a while to find one...maybe?
I loved Mayberry. @nicolejb For a small town there were some interesting people. Technology has really changed society so much. I don't know how simple I could make my life.