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So we all know we have a bias whether it's a secret or not. Now I'm curious of who your BTS bias is, if you have one atleast I would love to know~!
Is it Jin / Seokjin?
Is it Suga / Yoongi?
Is it Jimin?
Is it Rapmonster / Namjoon?
Is it J-hope / Hoseok?
Is it V / Taehyung?
Is it Jungkook?
Thank you for your time~! ( ^∇^)
This whole group is my bias, I don't have a single one it's like on rotation I'll find myself liking one for a bit and then wham all of a sudden another member just comes full force at me like "Oh no you can't like them you have to like me instead" it's a cruel cycle...but I love them all
HOSEOK! He's not only my BTS bias but he's my ultimate bias
@merryjayne13 at times I feel the same way! But I want so badly for it to be just JHOPE but they all have my heart!
This group is my bias itself. I can't seem to choose one day it's him and the other day it's him. At one point I just gave up and declared that they are all my biases. It's just so hard to choose between them.
@destiny1419 yes I do it's Seokjin mainly but I always get a little stuck because Namjoon is also amazing!
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