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♡ Do you have a bias in BTS? ♡
So we all know we have a bias whether it's a secret or not. Now I'm curious of who your BTS bias is, if you have one atleast I would love to know~!
Is it Jin / Seokjin?
Is it Suga / Yoongi?
Is it Jimin?
Is it Rapmonster / Namjoon?
Is it J-hope / Hoseok?
Is it V / Taehyung?
Is it Jungkook?
Thank you for your time~! ( ^∇^)
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@StephaniePoore damn must be a struggle
2 years ago·Reply
@AnimeKpopLover the struggle is real
2 years ago·Reply
It's V! He STOLE my heart from me! *says dramatically while dramatically throws arm over eyes*
2 years ago·Reply
@Raz4L *gasps* Oh dear heavens! must have been such a wonderful feeling //I apologize for the late reply//
2 years ago·Reply