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Over the past year, the NBA has been dealing with the growing demand from fans and journalists to get rid of the "hack-a-player" fouling that teams do during stretches of the game.
While many people have demanded a change, many basketball purists would like the rule to stay the same. The rule just got a big co-sign earlier today, as Kobe Bryant said he was in favor of the "hack-a-player" fouling that teams do.
Kobe Bryant said Monday that outlawing that tactic would “set a horrible example for kids.”
Kobe later shamed the league for even considering this rule change, saying “You can’t protect guys because they can’t shoot free throws,” Bryant said. “You’re getting paid a lot of money to make a damn free throw, dude. I think it sets a bad precedent. I wouldn’t change it.”

Should the NBA make the "hack-a-player" fouling illegal?

Same. Gotta go with what the Black Mamba said
I agree with kobe