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@emmabone mentioned one of my fav anime in an earlier post. So here it is witch Zodiac are you and who is your favorite.
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@bmcclain191 it's mentioned in the anime and manga that "that guy" is the dragon. there's no seahorse in the zodiac, just like how the ox could be switched for cow, or the boar for a pig, the dragon is switched for a seahorse.
I'm the rat, but I love the cat and Tohru . (read/watch the show) I say the Manga is way better then the show. but what made me cry the most in the show was Momji story. I cried so hard
@SeoInHan @bmcclain191 and the guy is the seahorse (the dragonl is actually Hitori, and For Akito he is God
the seahorse as explianed in the anime is often thought as a water dragon. the character Akito who is the God has all the curses of the family. while being quite cruel he knows his life is going to be a short one and painful. I still love the cat who isn't part of the zodiac because the Rat tricked him and took his spot in the anime.
mine is the monkey