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Somehow, someway it nearly slipped through the cracks, but thanks to my reminder, I had to let my fellow Vinglers know that today is National Pizza Day!
I mean, who doesn't like pizza? A warm slice at the right time can change your day.
The coolest part about pizza is the countless new ways people are making the product. The stuffed crust creations, the mix of toppings on new pies.. these are truly works of art.
So enough of me talking, below are some awesome pics of tasty pizza pies. Get out there and have a slice in honor of this historic day!
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Hmm, perhaps I shall buy my employees pizza for lunch today?! ^_^ It's a Win-Win! Speaking of, @christianmordi, where is that 4th pizza from? WHAT IS IT??
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judging by what everyone in Love & Relationship Community are saying, looks like Valentine's Day is National Pizza Day! hahaha
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