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Hi friends! It's Lent season!! I will be gone for a bit. I'll be back soon, so don't be like this weird baby and cry. I'm on the 8th episode of Moorim Institute, since starting it last night! It's so good!! I will continue watching. I'm still watching Remember!! I'm crying and cringing pretty much every episode but I like it. And don't worry too much, if my anxiety gets bad I just pause and continue later. I'm also still rewatching Secret Love Affair. And I hope to rewatch Heirs or Bubblegum while I'm away. Also will likely start and catch up to Cheese in the Trap. No promises though !
Happy to have friends like you! See you soon! @kpopandkimchi @poojas @jordanhamilton @EmilioTrevino @IMNII @JamiMilsap @krin @chongx @gladness Enjoy this last selfie until I return!
사랑해 나의 친구들아! 다음에 보장~~!!
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Awww! You will be missed, but glad you have something to keep you occupied. See you soon!
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