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The press this year for McDonald's has been up and down in regards to positive news.
Despite the numerous efforts by the company, McDonald's has struggled to create healthy options on their menu. Even their Kale Salad was loaded with calories.
Today, more bad press for McDonald's was unleashed, as someone showed what a happy meal looked like six years later.
Alaska resident Jennifer Lovedahl decided to test out the idea that McDonald’s food never decomposes due to all of the chemicals and additives, so she set aside a Happy Meal in 2010 and let nature take its course.
According to Lovedahl, owner of Balanced Health Chiropractic:
“It’s been sitting at our office this whole time and has not rotted, molded, or decomposed at all!!! It smells only of cardboard.”
It's pretty gross that after 6 years this product hasn't rotted at all. The food looks a little dry but still in tact. I think this speaks to the quality of the product.
This surely can't be a good thing.
I personally don't care. I don't go to fast food restaurants to eat healthy, I go for taste. If it's loaded with preservatives, I say meh. Just taste good is all I want. If I wanted to eat healthy, I'd go to Whole Foods.
I'm gonna eat McDonald's no matter what oooh look it came with a MLP TOY 😱
I couldn't have said it better myself @YumiMiyazaki!!!!
What the whhhaat the crap.