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Partners in Crime(part 8)

Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU

Member: Chanyeol X Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Angst, Fluff

Length: 1,498 words

This chapter is specifically to reveal babydoll’s past. Things will make more sense in the next chapter : )

They were faint and by now, coherent sentences were a thing of the past. However, the fact that you could still hear the slightest mumbles of someone speaking gave you hope. Your head had a dull ache lingering in your temple, but the throbbing that had previously distracted your thoughts had disappeared and your body felt rested and much better. Your eyelids very slowly fluttered open and you winced when you realized how brightly lit your the area around you was, however eventually you were able to adjust to your surroundings. You slowly lifted yourself up into a sitting position on the bed you had been sleeping on, and when you looked down you noticed the sheets and blankets were white and you were surrounded by what looked to be a hospital room. There was another cot, however it was empty and the room was void of all inhabitants except for yourself. You extended out your arms to find that bruises decorated the skin all over, and you winced when you stretched ever so slightly to awaken your muscles once more. After running a hand through your hair, you then rested your face in your open palms for a while until you heard the door slowly open.A man slowly peeked his head in to see whether or not you were awake, and when he noticed that you were indeed conscious, he smiled slowly and asked whether or not it was okay for him to enter. He seemly extremely familiar, and you could tell that he was very gentle and wise by nature, so you shakily nodded your head. You didn’t know where you were or really what had happened or how you ended up in the room, so you agreed to listen to his explanation and learn his name. He walked in and sat in the chair next to the bed you were on, and when you got a closer look at his face, you noticed him straight away as the man who had saved you the night before. He was someone that you would peg as being very kind but at the same time having wisdom and strength that was certainly not to be messed with. You felt safe with him, but it still wasn’t the same as being with Chanyeol. That was a few days ago, and he had introduced himself as Kyungsoo. He would bring you meals and every time he would sit with you and talk about either the gang or your life. Sometimes he would open up about his life as well, and you found yourself really enjoying his company. You felt as though you could tell him everything and he would accept you wholeheartedly. Sometimes the discussion you had would be a little dark, however Kyungsoo was careful to keep the conversation as light as possible because he didn’t want to suffocate you with all the knowledge that he was presenting to you. He explained that there were 12 members of EXO, and they all had different roles assigned to them. He was the member behind planning, he formulated all the attacks, when and where, and he was usually the getaway driver that memorized all the routes and backways of Seoul that would result in them getting to the location in the quickest time imaginable. He introduced you to them as well, and you found yourself liking all of the boys and finding them to be something like a family.However, one day you finally brought up what had happened to Chanyeol. Ever since the phone call, you hadn’t talked about your true bodyguard because you didn’t want to relive the horrors, and Kyungsoo didn’t press you about it either. He was aware that Chanyeol was injured and in custody of the other gang, and he was currently talking with the other members about planning an attack to get him back, however he didn’t need to hear the details unless you wanted to share. That particular day, you just needed to get it out of your system. You told Kyungsoo about everything you felt comfortable sharing about your relationship with Chanyeol, and for some reason, his eyes only filled with a raw sorrow that got more and more apparent. You didn’t just tell him about the sad times, but you also informed him of the good times, yet the upset expression continued to linger. He told you that he would see you again the next day, and that was yesterday which meant that Kyungsoo was due to bring you lunch soon. When he did come into the room, what you didn’t expect was the see the yellow folder that was poking at your curiosity ever since you had met Chanyeol. It was proudly sitting on the tray, and as you were eating and listening to whatever Kyungsoo was saying, you couldn’t help but rest all of your attention on what lay inside the envelope. Once you toyed with your meal and eventually gave it up, you politely asked why he had brought it. You assumed that Chanyeol must have deemed it crucial enough to stuff it into the white backpack that held the necessities for your survival, not only that but he had also brought it out of the farmhouse when the two of you had departed from it. It had been with you your entire journey with him, yet you had never been given the chance to lay your fingers on the crisp paper until now. Kyungsoo was very quiet as he handed it to you, but his fingers lingered on the envelope as he told you that in the folder contained your life. He refused to let go as he explained that you had been lied to your entire life and this was the truth. Your heart was pounding as your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, not entirely wanting to believe what he was saying. You knew that he would never lie to you though, however the fact that your life was a lie didn’t make sense to you. You had been told your mother died in a car accident and you had lost all memory from before the age of 7 - your father had promised you that was your background. He told you stories of your mother, and although he wasn’t the best or most supportive, he was still the man who raised you. Your fingers slowly tugged the materials out of the folder, and from that moment on you weren’t the same. Your birth certificate told you that your real parents weren’t your current Mafia father, and the name your “Father” previously referred to your mother as was nowhere to be found as well. You were shocked to find there were not only pictures of when you were younger and born, but the most shocking thing was that you recognized the house behind you at your 4th birthday party. You out of anyone would be able to guess the towering farmhouse due to the fact it was just a few weeks before you had awoken in one of the rooms. Kyungsoo noticed you staring in shock at the photograph, and he spoke up slowly to tell you that you used to live as a child in the farmhouse. He also explained that Chanyeol personally wanted to retire it as a safe house for whenever one of the members need it. You were suddenly struck by the memory of realizing how oddly familiar and comforting the old house seemed to you when you first arrived. Kyungsoo was intently staring at you to decipher your reaction when he then began to explain that Chanyeol happened to be an orphan at an orphanage that was located in the woods near your home, unfortunately it had later burned down but the two of you used to be friends who would play together in the greenhouse.You felt numb inside as you only continued to listen. Kyungsoo reached for your hand to comfort you as he continued, explaining that one day, your fake father killed your mother in the kitchen of the farmhouse and your real father in the streets. You and Chanyeol had entered the house as young children, and Chanyeol ended up taking the bullet for you. Your Fake Father took you with him and had surgically implanted a chip into your arm that held an incredible amount of information. It held secrets, ideas, and things that needed to be stored somewhere no one would care to look - a living, breathing, human. You had your memory completely wiped and life went on for you normally, but for Chanyeol, everything changed. He was hospitalized for a very long time due to the damage the bullet had caused him, and after that, he was intent on rescuing you. He joined the mafia at the age of 16 and had been in it ever since, training to help people and get revenge. He only just found you a month ago, and he instantly saved you knowing that your Father was going to remove the chip soon and eventually end your life. You cried yourself to sleep that night knowing your prince was gone.

he's not gone, I won't believe it. we have a life and its many adventures to continue, together.
WHAT?! What did I just read😫....this explains so much though. Amazing story I love it!
Oh my god!! 😭😭 it looks like I'll be crying myself to sleep too!!
@HopeElizabeth I had to look up fluff after reading this chapter. 😢
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